This Was The Absolute Worst Time For A Pie In The Face

Over at Grantland, Michael Schur shared a fantastic piece of old footage for a barren sports day like today. Las Vegas Stars designated hitter Joe Vitiello was being interviewed at the 2000 Triple-A All-Star Game after going 3 for 3 at the plate. Schur’s right when he says you have to watch the full minute-long clip… » 7/15/15 2:50pm 7/15/15 2:50pm

Let's Watch Some Dudes In Chicago Engage In Roman Candle Warfare

You haven’t lived if you haven’t engaged in the highly dangerous yet thrilling pastime of fighting with fireworks. We mostly used bottle rockets where I come from, but here are some friends (or gang rivals, depending on who you’re asking) on Western Ave. in Chicago using roman candles as the weapon of choice. » 6/04/15 12:22am 6/04/15 12:22am

Seven Surreal Videos From YouTube's Strangest Karaoke-Singing Couple

For about the first 15 seconds of Bob and Bev Holwager’s rendition of “Blank Space,” you figure you’re watching a pretty ordinary fan-made Taylor Swift video. The background graphics are pretty trippy, yes, but you’ve seen weirder. Then the squished-up sports car drives past the ancient ruins and a rose-hued mushroom… » 5/29/15 6:32pm 5/29/15 6:32pm